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Started to make it more fun being part of a virtual quilting bee... but we'll see if I've got more than one trick...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Beehave packages all sent off..

It was a big task to chop all that fabric and figure out exactly what my instructions would be... but it was very satisfying to put all those envelopes in the mail this morning!

Here are all the fabrics together... so you get an idea of how your bit will fit in (lighting not great- sorry)

I've put fairly detailed instructions in the packs... but there is some inspiration and ideas about wonkiness on the earlier posts (below)

Also, I didn't write it on the pack, I won't be at the next 2 meetings- (2 weddings falling on the wrong weekends!) So I'll have to ask you to send them back in the envelopes provided... I'll try to get it all made up for December.

Hope you have fun with it...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I would love it if my Oh Beehave blocks could all have a little wonkiness in them.... but not TOO much.

Now, I've never really done this myself... so once again, the web has been my friend. By looking at a few tutorials and pictures of other quilts, I've tried to suss out this whole wonkiness concept, and figure out what makes good wonky (in my eyes) as opposed to bad wonky... (NB: the Ingrid Press inspiration quilts have perfect amount of wonkiness...)

Here are two tutorials that have some good ideas about how to 'do' wonky.

Tall grass prairie Wonky log cabins

Advice for wonky log cabins

Blempgorf explains things really clearly....

With all this analysis I've worked out that I like blocks where like most of the wonkiness comes from using strips (logs) of different sizes, making the squares offset (not centred).

These quilts from Tall Grass Prairie are great examples of this...

And  I definitely prefer "pivot cut" blocks rather than the angle cut ones... so a little pivoting but no sharp angles would be fantastic.... THANKS!!

Advice on making wonky quilt blocks: pivots versus angles

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh Beehave... inspiration

I'm still very much a beginner quilter, so I've done the rounds looking at a few other virtual quilt bees... looking for ideas and inspiration. Slowly, I've worked out I love simple but slightly quirky quilts. I've also recently discovered the fact that Kona Solids exist, and how effective simple designs with solid colours can be.

The Mid-Mod Quilt Bee is definitely the front runner for me so far, and I particularly like the style of a girl called Jess. It's actually her month at the moment (or just gone) so everyone is posting the blocks they have made for her current quilt there (they all look awesome!). By doing a little web stalking... I found she's also doing the Common threads quilt bee, and I think I will be shamelessly inspired by the same sources she has used for inspiration there... mainly some quilts by Ingrid Press...

I LOVE blue and white just in general, but the 'simple but different' thing just works so well..

And this one is gorgeous...

So those at the two inspiration quilts... but right now I'd better go and cut up the fabric and post it out... and then write a bit more about my blocks...